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Brand Page

Q: What if I cannot find a brand on POL?
A: you can submit a brand request by using the contact us link at the bottom of the POL site, or you can call us on 1800 111 765.

Q: How do I find service information for a brand?
A: You can find service information in the ‘Retail’ Section of the top navigation bar.

Q: What if I did a search and cannot find the required model on the brand page?
A: First you should try clicking the ‘Show archive product’ button at the top right of brand page. If you still cannot find the required model you can submit a model request by using the contact us link at the bottom of the POL site, or you can call us on 1800 111 765.

Q: What if a supplier logo is not displaying?
A: You should alert POL by using the ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of the website or by calling 1800 111 765. We will have this fixed immediately.

Category Page:

Q: What if there is a category that is not in POL in which I require?
A: You can submit a request to POL by using the ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of the website or by calling 1800 111 765.

Q: How do I find a model or brand on the category page?
A: There is a brand drop down in which you can select, and models will be displayed in a drop down.


Q: Can I compare products from more than one brand.
A: Yes, you can compare any product against another using the compare feature in the ‘browse category’ section. If you want to compare products from the same brand you can do this via the brand page.

Q: How do I compare products?
A: You click the compare tick box on the results page for up to three products then press the ‘compare’ button on the top right hand side. You can also compare products by going to the product page and clicking compare at the bottom. This will store in the compare until you delete it.

Q: What is the maximum amount of product I can compare?
A: You can compare up to 3 products at once.

Q: How do I email a product comparison?
A: At the top of the ‘compare’ page you will see a white envelope which is the email button.
Q: How do I print my compare page.
A: There will be a print icon at the top right of the compare page in which you can press to print.

Product Page:

Q: What if I find incorrect product information on the product page?
A: We source all product information from suppliers site and directly from the suppliers when available. Please call POL and we will look further into it to ensure we have correct product information.

Q: Why doesn’t all information print when I press the print icon.
A: The print icon will only print a brochure with selected product information.

Q: How do I get all information on the product page to print?
A: You can press the ‘Print all’ button at the bottom of the product page

Q: Can I email product information?
A: Yes, you can email product information to another email address by clicking the white envelope on the top right hand side of the product page.

Q: Why is there no dimensions or missing information on some products?
A: Pol gathers all information from the suppliers website that is available. Sometimes suppliers don’t have this information at time of data collection.


Q: What is an information ticket?
A: An information ticket is used for the lifetime of the product. This can be displayed on a product to display all the features, energy ratings and dimensions.

Q: What is a price ticket?
A: A price ticket can be used for sales and promotions. This would display basic information and price.

Q: Can I print multiple tickets at once?
A: Yes, after you enter your first model you can then press the ‘+’ button under the model number, this will create a new ticket.

Q: What if I cannot find a model in the POL database but I want to make a ticket?
A: You can make a blank ticket and enter your own information by clicking the ‘Create Blank’ in the Search ticket screen.

Q: Once I have entered my model number, how do I edit the features?
A: All the tickets are user friendly. To edit any of the information on a ticket you just need to click on the ticket in the ‘Edit Ticket’ Screen.

Q: What if I don’t want a certain feature on my ticket
A: You can delete features by pressing the red cross next to that feature on the edit ticket screen.

Q: When I edit a ticket why does it not save the information?
A: You need to make sure that after you have made any changes to a ticket that you click the ‘Update’ Button at the bottom of ticket.

Q: Why doesn’t anything happen when I try to press print?
A: You need to ensure you have Adobe Reader, as all tickets print in PDF format. If you do have adobe installed and you still cannot print a ticket, please contact POL technical support on 1800 111 765.

Q: How do I change my ticket size?
A: you need to click ‘Back to ticket style’ and select your ticket size from the drop down menu. This will clear all previous ticket info.

Q: Can I select more than one different ticket size at once?
A: No, you can only print tickets in one size at a time.

Q: Can I change the order of the features in my ticket?
A: Yes, this can be done by clicking on the feature and using the cross hair and draggin it to the position required.

Q: Can I add my own features to the ticket?
A: Yes, you can delete a feature and type a new one by clicking ‘Add Feature’ and tying your information into the box.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of features on a ticket?
A: Yes, depending on the ticket size, there will be restrictions and a notice will appear informing you that no more features can be added.

Q: How do I find more available features on a product ticket?
A: You need to click on the ticket to edit it in the ‘edit ticket’ screen. Next to each feature will be a link saying ‘Available features’. You can click on this to see if there are, and replace the existing feature with the new one.

Q: I have multiple tickets in the list but when I press print I can only see one?
A: Try scrolling down as tickets are displayed under each other in the print preview screen.

Q: Do I have to edit every ticket before printing?
A: No, POL ticketing gives you the option to just select a model and print without any further steps. However if you want to display specific information you can edit your ticket.

Q: What if I want a different template or design in my tickets?
A: Contact POL on 1800 111 765 or click on the contact form and we will discuss about getting your requirements in the system.