About Us

POL Australia was established in 1998 as an easy to use resource for electrical retailers to find supplier product information, images and specifications at point of sales.

POL was previously delivered monthly in CD format and it revolutionised the
way in which this critical data was made available to sales staff, and how effective this was as
a tool in closing more sales.

POL Australia has continued to develop its product by working closely with Australian electrical
retailers and suppliers to bring you the most comprehensive, simple to use tool for finding
supplier product information quickly and easily.


  • Over 60,000 products from 200+ suppliers in one location
  • Compare up to 3 products side by side on one page
  • All the latest new product information updated daily
  • Warranty, after sales service & support information all together in one simple site
  • Search and browse options designed to find products quickly – search by dimension,
    weight, screen size, capacity etc.
  • Simple web based product ticketing for professional price and information tickets for
    better floor merchandising and promotions
  • A huge list of archived products
  • Product ‘brochure’ styled print outs information pages that can be printed immediately
    with retailers logo and contact details
  • XML Data feed to keep your shopping cart, e-commerce site or intranet loaded with
    product information

POL has always been recognised as the INDUSTRY STANDARD in product information for the electrical
retail industry in Australia.

Contact us to arrange a demo today and experience the depth of product information.